Rigid Liner

Saf-T Liner systems consist of a Stainless Steel Liner Section (fabricated using either 304L or 316L stainless steel) insulated with Saf-T Wrap chimney insulation. The Saf-T Liner systems have been Tested and Listed by Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. to UL 1777 for use in conjunction with any Listed residential appliance (When installed per the manufacturers Installation and Maintenance Instructions). The 304L system is best suited for wood burning applications, whereas type 316L system is equally suited for wood-, coal- or oil-fired installations.
Saf-T Liner is suited for use with solid fuel and older oil- or gas-fired equipment that does not produce condensation in the vent. (For condensing or positive pressure gas appliances we recommend Saf-T Vent special gas Venting Systems).
Ideal for relining chimneys that have deteriorated lining, oversized lining, or for lining chimneys with no existing lining, Saf-T Liner System adds years to the life of a chimney. The product's resistance-welded, 24-gauge stainless steel fabrication meets code requirements and provides optimum safety. As a substitute for 5/8" fireclay liner, Saf-T Liner cannot be beat.
Saf-T Liner is Tested and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use with Listed fuel burning equipment that produce continuous flue gas temperatures not above 1000°F when properly insulated with Saf-T Wrap Chimney Liner Insulation.
Saf-T Liner Instructions 

Saf-T Liner Applications:

  • Appliance connector--non-condensing appliances
  • Chimney Liner System
  • Chimney Reliner System
Key Features:
  • Use rigid lengths inside straight chimneys.
  • Available in a kit, or individual component parts
  • Optional one-piece insulation blanket allows you to wrap the liner system where required or desired
  • Selkirk round rain cap termination attaches without screws.
  • Stainless Flashing with 24x24 base.
  • Tee with 14” snout.
  • Rigid Liner material – 0.016 Type 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Available in 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” diameters.
  • Clearances – 0” between liner and masonry chimney interior.
  • Insulation-wraps available in 10’ lengths.
  • Listed to ULC-S635, ULC-S640 in Canada and UL 1777 in USA.
  • Smart Choice Lifetime Warranty.